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Father of all African rivers with a length of about 6,650 kilometers and an estimated area of 3,349,000 square kilometers,exploring what the Nile River has in store can be a very significant tourist activity that every traveler should experience. Sailing through the river can give you both a relaxing and adventurous venture all at once. Taking the opportunity of a lifetime to travel through the Nile will not fail you in achieving the ultimate vacation you’ve ever been to.

By cruising the stream,it will allow you to view every nook and cranny there is to find in Egypt and most probably more. If you want to squeeze in time to visit all the possible places in northeastern Africa,discover new cultures and stay comfortable in the duration of your trip,maybe even just to celebrate with your special someone in a very special way,a voyage in the Nile is exactly what you’re looking for!

And just to support such claims,here are some things you should know about the Nile that will get you all boggled but packing,itching to get your hands on a ticket to travel right away.

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So what about the Nile?

For those who don’t know,the Nile River is the longest river in the whole world flowing through distinct nations in Africa,namely: Sudan,Ethiopia,Uganda,Democratic Republic of Congo,Rwanda,Kenya,Tanzania,Eritrea,Burundi,and finally Egypt.

The canal,with only 22% of it coursing through Egypt,flows past the cities Cairo,Aswan,Khartoum,Luxor,Karnak,Gondokoro,and Alexandria. It is amusingly associated greatly with the country. This is because the Nile creates lush greeneries across the desolate tracks of the barrens in Egypt making it a main source of agriculture for the ancient Egyptians,thus referring to it as the Rivers of Life and considering it as one their gods whom the ancient Egyptians worshipped as well.

This natural wonder,where one of the oldest societies of the world began,has been through the numerous eras from the beginning of time up to the present,turning it into a witness to the many evolutions of civilization. The great original Egyptian civilizations were founded in the northern valley of the Nile which leaves the place with tremendous historical and religious manifestations from the previous dwellers as the river was an important channel that assisted in the transport of materials used for the pyramids.

The early empires relied greatly on the Nile for agriculture,irrigation,and transportation. Even up to now that hasn’t changed,although their means for achieving them have. African farmers and locals still utilize the Nile for such activities and importation. River levels needed to be raised for an easier navigation and improved irrigation so dams on the Nile were built,first during the year of 1861.

The stream has rich wild life,housing different species of animals like crocodiles,wildebeests,turtles,baboons,and over 300 species of birds.

Besides all those,on other aspect with its huge significance to Egypt,the country’s highest form of honor is named after the majestic river â Order of the Nile.

There are a lot of other things you can discover and explore about the Nile but these things a more interesting and best understood through experience. Nobody likes claims that are all talk. Take that trip and see for yourself and add to memoirs an affair you’ll want to relive over and over again.

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Now what about the Nile River Cruise?

Before you start browsing through cheap all inclusive deals for that dream vacation you’ve been dying to have,there are some other things,important things,you need to know to stay safe and satisfied on your trip especially for your cruise in the Nile. Here is a list of dos and don’ts you need to remember.

Do dress appropriately. Pack the right clothes with you. While there are actually no specific dress codes for the cruise,but you have to regard the fact that the cities you will visit have a very conservative background. Take into consideration also that some of the places you will be exposed to are temples and archaeological sites of religious value. Dressing modestly doesn’t really give you any reason to be uncomfortable about it. Also,acknowledging Egypt as a hot country,wearing clothes of cotton material should be the best option.

Do watch your fluid intake. Like any normal day,you should drink a lot of water â all the more while you are on your holiday at Egypt,sailing the Nile. Having the same basis as your choice in material for your outfit,drinking lots of water will keep you from dehydrating during your trip. You wouldn’t want to remember your travel as a treacherous trip,now would you?

Do have lotion with you. Your top priority on your trip should be our safety and health. As continuously mentioned,Egypt’s temperature is a great factor you should consider. Apply sun blocking lotion every now and then to keep your skin from drying. Moisturize as much as possible to protect your skin. Over exposure to the sun can be very damaging.

Do respect their heritage. There will always be cultural differences when you travel to other countries. Keep in mind that there are certain things you may hold as harmless but may be insulting to others of a different ethnicity. To be certain,always ask permission and be mindful of your actions especially when dealing with locals and while touring their historical landmarks as all of their monuments and temples possess great sacred significance to the Egyptians.

Don’t go around the spots on your own. It’s simple logic. Stay with the group and stick to the organized tours. Your tour guide is your best friend. There is no point in gallivanting around the site unsupervised as this may lead to things you don’t even want to think about happening. Exploring is one thing but getting lost is another.

Don’t forget to have a lovely time. The best advice you could ever get. This is,after all,the whole point of the trip. Don’t waste your time on worrying. Relax and have fun. Enjoy your ride,you’ve earned it!

Now that that’s all said and done,personify the ancient Egyptian way and travel into the Nile to be brought through the past and the present. A variety of Egypt all inclusive vacations await you.

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